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    Expert roundtable on food and nutrition security under the SDGs and the Paris Agreement: A holistic approach

    Events | Published on 12-10-2016

    External event Roundtable This roundtable will gather Members of the European Parliament, experts from the European Commission, United Nations, NGOs and academics, all with extensive expertise on food and nutrition security. The keynote speech by Laté Lawson-Lartego (Senior Director o...

    Facilitating social innovation: Appreciating critical junctures in multi-stakeholder processes for development

    Events | Published on 15-11-2016

    ECDPM event Workshop By invitation only At the heart of social innovation are social actors, stakeholders who find innovative ways to relate, communicate and act in order to address “entrenched social challenges”. Social innovation is a well-known phenomenon: it is people tryin...

    Factory Southern Africa? SACU in global value chains

    Events | Published on 21-01-2016

    External event Event Global Value Chain (GVC) analysis recognises that international production, trade and investments are increasingly organised within chains where the different stages of the production process are located across several countries. Outsourcing to the most efficient produc...

    Financing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: What role for the EIB?

    Events | Published on 22-01-2016

    ECDPM event Conference ECDPM is studying the role of the EIB under the Cotonou Partnership Agreement and beyond 2020. This is based mainly on targeted stakeholder consultations, including this one in Dakar but also in Nairobi in December 2015. This Dakar stakeholder consultation will take a...

    First EU Africa advocacy day

    Events | Published on 26-05-2016

    External event Event The Advocacy Day is intended for professionals seeking to gain practical insight and understanding of the complexity of EU decision-making on Africa. Participants include staff members of international or national institutions, companies, associations, NGOs and media; a...

    First EU results report

    Events | Published on 24-10-2016

    External event Conference The presentation at this InfoPoint lunchtime conference shows how, for the first time, DG DEVCO systematically brings together results information, reflecting our achievements across sectors and partner countries. The publication of this report fulfils a major comm...

    Food Crisis Prevention Network meeting

    Events | Published on 13-04-2016

    External event Meeting The RPCA is currently preparing its next meeting which will bring together the region’s main food and nutrition security stakeholders. The meeting will also host a session of the Senior Experts Group of the Global Alliance for Resilience – Sahel and West ...

    Forum for the future of agriculture 2016

    Events | Published on 22-03-2016

    The Forum for the Future of Agriculture is the premiere meeting place in Brussels to debate sustainable agriculture and environmental challenges. Each year, luminaries from various leading international institutions, such as the European Commission, the European Council, the European Parliament, the food/farming chain, NGOs, and businesses from every sector present their diverse views to a packed auditorium.

    Free Trade Agreements in a changing landscape of global governance

    Events | Published on 07-07-2016

    External event Workshop Following an ESRC grant award entitled ‘Transformations in Global Governance: Integration via Free Trade Agreements’, a series of workshops are being organised that focus on: This workshop will primarily focus on the EU and US FTAs with Asian countries, ...

    From hybrid peace to human security: Rethinking the EU strategy towards conflict

    Events | Published on 24-02-2016

    While the European Union is engaged in a process of strategic reflection on its external relations in a rapidly changing world it finds itself in the midst of interlocking crises – multiplying wars in Africa, the Middle East, central Asia and eastern Europe; population displacement; terrorism and sectarianism; as well as broader economic, social and environmental disruption. At a global level, the War on Terror (although it is no longer formally called that) seems to have converged both with myriad conflicts in different places and with a new phase of great power rivalry involving a new wave of militarisation. These crises have to be explained in terms of a mismatch between our policies and tools for addressing and managing problems and the everyday reality of the twenty first century.


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