Linking policy and practice in international cooperation

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    Evidence on a Silver Platter: Evaluation Results for Policy Making in Development

    Events | Published on 05-11-2015

    The conference will encourage new thinking for teaming policy relevance with methodological quality in development evaluations and tackles the crucial issue of better bridging the gap between policy-making and development evaluations.

    Expert Meeting on Financing for Development

    Events | Published on 28-05-2015

    2015 is a key year for development with upcoming international agreements on global poverty reduction and sustainable development. It is not only the year that the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) reach their deadline; it is also the year that a new global agenda for poverty eradication and sustainable development is being negotiated. Without effective agreements that address the mobilization of all types of financial resources for poverty reduction and sustainable development, it will be difficult to reach political commitments for this new global agenda.

    Exploring Future Scenarios for Migration and their Implications for Development

    Events | Published on 03-06-2015

    New centres of economic growth have the potential to significantly affect international migration. They may slowdown emigration from these countries as well as favour returns of migrants in their origin country. In turn, these changing patterns of mobility – in addition to having significant economic, social and environmental implications – will introduce new challenges and opportunities for economies and people’s livelihoods in both origin and destination countries. The session will aim to broaden our perspectives on migration as an engine of development and open a discussion over a range of possible policy actions.

    Expo Milano 2015

    Events | Published on 02-07-2015

    The fight against malnutrition is a central element in the work of Save the Children, as well as education on a healthy diet for children.


    Financing for Development: The Challenge of Implementing SDGs

    Events | Published on 05-03-2015

    Financing a truly transformative post 2015 development agenda will require that ODA is used more effectively and strategically.

    First Expert Group Workshop on Extractive Industries

    Events | Published on 12-03-2015

    First Expert Group Workshop on Extractive Industries


    First Meeting of Africa-Spain Think Tanks

    Events | Published on 05-11-2015

    This meeting aims to bring together representatives of the most prominent African think tanks with specialists in Sub-Saharan Africa from the major Spanish think tanks, so as to generate and enhance the interaction between them. In order to strengthen this link, the invitation is extended to European think tanks that have already previously collaborated with the Spanish ones and that have strong working lines around Sub-Saharan Africa.

    First Steps Towards a Global Partnership for Peaceful and Inclusive Societies in the Post-2015 Era

    Events | Published on 02-07-2015

    This informal workshop will bring together a group of key stakeholders to begin to discuss guiding principles and a vision for a global partnership for peaceful and inclusive societies.

    Food Insecurity: What Role in African Conflicts?

    Events | Published on 10-02-2015

    This conference will seek to bridge research and policy on the topic in order to stimulate debate on the optimization of the international food aid system.

    Fragile States: A Challenge for Europe

    Events | Published on 15-04-2015

    Around a quarter of the world's states are currently considered fragile and state fragility is becoming a particularly urgent challenge for EU foreign policy.


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