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    The EU's New Leaders: Key Post-Elections Challenges

    Events | Published on 28-01-2014

    External event Meeting Organiser: Friends of Europe...

    Expert Discussion: ‘Africa’s Agriculture: Opportunities and Challenges'

    Events | Published on 18-02-2014

    External event Panel Discussion Organiser: EMRC International...

    Facing Fragilities: People, Aid and Institutions in Socio-Economic Recovery

    Events | Published on 11-09-2014

    External event Conference In recent years, issues of socio-economic development have taken centre stage in international thinking on conflict and peace. Socio-economic development ranks high on people's agendas and is considered an important condition for avoiding relapse into conflict. Thi...

    Financing and Other Means of Implementation in the Post-2015 Context: ERD Country Illustrations Workshop

    Events | Published on 19-02-2014

    ECDPM event Meeting In the framework of its on-going initiative on ‘Mobilising European Research for Development Policies’ the European Commission and four EU Member States (Finland, France, Germany and Luxembourg) have commissioned ODI (Overseas Development Institute), DIE (Deuts...

    Financing and Other Means of Implementation in a Post-2015 Context

    Events | Published on 15-12-2014

    This high-level meeting will discuss the role of finance in a transformative post-2015 context, with a focus on infrastructure, domestic resource and finance for sustainable development.

    First Session of the ROPPA Peasant University

    Events | Published on 03-03-2014

    External event Seminar Organisers: Network of Farmers' and Agricultural Producers' Organisations of West Africa (ROPPA)...

    Food Security Exchange: A Rich Harvest on Food and Nutrition Security

    Events | Published on 06-05-2014

    External event Seminar This event is organised by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Francesco Rampa and Jeske van Seters will attend and facilitate the session on regional value chains and markets....

    Food security: An Interdisciplinary Approach

    Events | Published on 05-11-2014

    External event Seminar ...

    Food Security: Mapping Risks, Building Resilience

    Events | Published on 01-12-2014

    External event Meeting Food security is at risk from new threats and there is a growing awareness of previously unrecognized sources of instability. As the food system becomes increasingly globalized and interconnected, disruptions reverberate faster and more widely than ever before. Vulner...

    Food Security in the Post-2015 Agenda

    Events | Published on 29-01-2014

    External event Meeting Organiser: French Ministry of Foreign Affairs...


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