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    Informal Donor Network on Engaging the Private Sector for Development: 3rd Informal Donor Network Meeting

    Events | Published on 19-11-2013

    In 2013 ECDPM initiated an informal donor network and has, to date, held two workshops with representatives from donor organisations, government bodies and financial institutions from around the world. The third in this series of meetings will be held on Tuesday 19 November 2013 and is organised in conjunction with the Donor Committee for Enterprise Development (DCED).


    Informal Knowledge Platform on Sustainable Agricultural Investments: First Workshop

    Events | Published on 08-11-2013

    ECDPM is planning to organise and facilitate an informal knowledge platform between European, African and Chinese stakeholders on sustainable private investments in African agriculture. The platform aims to strengthen mutual understanding and lesson learning, as well as provide a space for trust building and enhanced international partnerships.

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    Looking Beyond 2013 - Are EU-Africa Relations Still Fit for Purpose?

    Events | Published on 28-10-2013

    ECDPM event High-level conference Ahead of the 2014 Africa-EU Summit, and at a time of shifting and complex internal and external dynamics in Europe and Africa, the European Think-Tanks Group is holding a High-Level Conference: Looking beyond 2013: Are Africa-EU relations still fit for purp...

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    Show me the money!

    Talking Points Blog | Published on 12-04-2013

    Millions of e-mails and documents, exposing the tax-evading activities of thousands of individuals across 170 countries, were recently leaked by a consortium of journalists.

    Le Tarif extérieur commun de la CEDEAO est-il une bonne nouvelle pour les paysans de l’Afrique de l’Ouest francophone ?

    Talking Points Blog | Published on 12-08-2013

    Le Tarif Extérieur Commun de la CEDEAO est-il une bonne nouvelle pour les paysans de l’Afrique de l’Ouest francophone? C’est la question qui se pose après la validation du

    The post-2015 development framework – An update on EU, Africa and UN proceedings

    Talking Points Blog | Published on 21-06-2013

    Much has happened since we last wrote about the EU emerging post-2015 position. The long awaited release at the end of May of the report by the UN High Level Panel (HLP)on the post-2015 develop

    Post-2015: Four things the EU should consider to achieve ‘A Decent Life for All’

    Talking Points Blog | Published on 27-02-2013

    27-02-2013 ++ SERIES: BUILDING THE POST-2015 DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORK++ Discussions on the new development framework to replace the Millennium Development Goals after their target date of 2015 are well under way. Today, the European Commissioners for Environment and for Development pres...

    New Development Framework Post-2015

    GREAT insights magazine | Published on 01-04-2013

    Thematic Focus: What Prospects for a New Development Framework Post-2015? With Contributions from among others Klaus Rudischhauser and Betty Maina.


    Yet Another Agenda

    GREAT insights magazine | Published on 01-04-2013

    Florence Dafe | Renate Hartwig | Heiner Janus

    Putting a potentially ambitious post-2015 development agenda on a financially sustainable footing will require the international community to move beyond aid by exploring the full range of development finance sources and reforming international policies.

    Putting People and Planet First

    GREAT insights magazine | Published on 01-04-2013

    Tanya Cox

    While the MDGs contributed to considerable progress in human development, a number of important development concerns were left out or inadequately addressed. Now is the moment to grapple courageously and differently with the considerable global challenges we are facing.


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