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8th Summit of the African Union (AU)

Publications | Published on 31-01-2007

Claire Mandouze

Overview of the main decisions taken at African Union Summit on January 2007. The institutional future of the African Union and its relations with the EU.

A Balanced Approach to Monitoring and Evaluating Capacity and Performance: A Proposal for a Framework

Publications | Published on 03-12-2007

Niels Keijzer | Tony Land

Since 2004, the European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM) has been working on a study on ‘Capacity, Change and Performance’. This study, perhaps the largest empirical study on capacity development in the development sector to date, focuses on how capacity develops endogenou...


An African participants perspective on the Conference on civil society and Joint Africa-EU Strategy

Publications | Published on 01-01-2007

Joseph Ssuuna, PELUM Association, Zambia

ECDPM in conjunction with German NGO platform Venro organised a conference on the Joint Africa-EU Strategy.


Africa's Regional Integration Arrangements: History and Challenges

Publications | Published on 03-09-2007

Tesfaye Dinka | Walter Kennes

An overview of regional integration in Africa: history, challenges at country and regional levels, and linkages between the regions and the global economy.


Aid Effectiveness and the Provision of TA Personnel: Improving Practice

Publications | Published on 01-11-2007

Heather Baser

Drawing on the recent work of ECDPM on technical assistance (TA) and capacity development, as well as on the findings of related studies, this Policy Management Brief (PMB) argues that improving the effectiveness of TA personnel as an instrument for capacity development requires actions at two...


Aid for Trade: Twenty Lessons from Existing Aid Schemes

Publications | Published on 02-09-2007

Darlan F. Martí | Francesco Rampa

Following from the widespread acknowledgment that developing countries need support to benefit from trade liberalisation, debates on ‘aid for trade’ (AFT) have attracted much attention over the past years. This is not surprising since current AFT initiatives seem unprecedented in their pur...


ECDPM Annual Report 2007

Publications | Published on 01-04-2007

2007 was a year of significant change in the global development context. Various earlier trends continued. Emerging economies contributed to a more explicitly multi-polar world. The donor community further diversified – to include emerging economies as well as private foundations and glob...


Building the Capacity for Managing Public Service Reform: The Tanzania Experience

Publications | Published on 01-01-2007

Peter Morgan | Heather Baser

This post is also available in: French


Building capacities for monitoring and evaluating decentralisation and local governance

Publications | Published on 03-12-2007

Christiane Loquai | Sonia Le Bay

In the context of the democratisation movements of the late 1980s, many African countries launched a new generation of decentralisation policies aimed to build or strengthen more democratic, participatory and accountable forms of governance. In the years since, these reform efforts have at...


Capacity Development in Fragile States

Publications | Published on 01-05-2007

Derick W. Brinkerhoff

State fragility is directly related to capacity deficits. Fragile states have governments that are incapable of assuring basic security for their citizens, fail to provide basic services and economic opportunities, and are unable to garner sufficient legitimacy to maintain citizen confidence a...


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