Linking policy and practice in international cooperation

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Alternative (to) EPAs: Possible scenarios for the future ACP trade relations with the EU

Publications | Published on 01-02-2006

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The Philippines-Canada Local Government Support Program: A Case Study of Local Government Capacity Development in the Philippines

Publications | Published on 03-04-2006

A case study prepared for the project ‘Capacity, Change and Performance’ organised by ECDPM. This paper explores capacity development and related performance improvement within the con- text of local governance in the Republic of the Philippines over a 13-year period. It focuses on the...


Delivering the goods:

Publications | Published on 02-12-2006

Julia Zinke

This InBrief seeks to identify some of the headline debates that can be expected in 2007 and to sketch the backdrop against which these will unfold. The aim is not so much to predict outcomes, but to situate and frame the EU debates on development cooperation so as to enable as wide a grou...


Changing Aid Modalities in Tanzania

Publications | Published on 01-08-2006

Lennart Wohlgemuth

The year 2005 will not only enter the history books as the year in which the donor community again committed itself to increasing the volume of development aid, but also as the year in which donors pledged to transform the ways in which aid is planned, delivered and evaluated. One of the d...


Changing Minds and Attitudes: Towards Improved Belgian Technical Assistance

Publications | Published on 01-12-2006

ACE Europe

Together with ACE Europe, ECDPM prepared this study for the the Belgian Technical Cooperation (BTC). The study focuses on: The broad international policy discussions on TA and the current thinking about the place of TA in the context of the Paris Declaration on Harmonisation and Alignment Good...

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Comparing EU free trade agreements: Fisheries

Publications | Published on 02-04-2006

Coalition for Fair Fisheries Arrangements

This InBrief sets out to compare the European Union (EU) approaches to fisheries in the different Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) concluded over the last decade and the ACP-EU Partnership Agreement. It first provides an overview of the international trade in fish and fishery products.


Comparing EU free trade agreements

Publications | Published on 02-04-2006

Eckart Naumann

The aim of this InBrief series is to provide a synthesis of various chapters of the ten free trade agreements (FTAs) recently concluded by the European Union with developing countries, as well as other relevant trade agreements when appropriate. Each InBrief offers a detailed and schematic ove...


Acquisition de compétences collectives pour la performance - L'unité environnement et développement durable (ESDU) de l'Organisation des États de la Caraïbe de l'Est (OECS)

Publications | Published on 01-10-2006

Peter Morgan

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APE alternatifs et alternatives aux APE : scénarios envisageables pour les futures relations commerciales entre les ACP et l'UE

Publications | Published on 01-03-2006

Les conditions d’échange entre l’UE et les pays ACP pourraient être bouleversées par les négociations en cours sur les accords de partenariat économique. Toutes les parties prenantes à ces négociations conviennent que le développement doit être l’objectif premier de ces accords, mais ne parviennent pas à s’entendre sur le type d’accord qui contribuerait le mieux au développement des pays ACP.


Développer les capacités d'une administration fiscale - L'Office rwandais des recettes

Publications | Published on 01-10-2006

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