Linking policy and practice in international cooperation

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Civil Service Reform in the Context of Structural Adjustment: A Triangular Relationship

Publications | Published on 02-09-1997

Joan Corkery

In Africa, civil service reform is often related to structural adjustment programmes (SAPs) introduced to address deteriorating economic circumstances. A main concern of these programmes, administered by ministries of finance, is to reduce public expenditure. In practice, this has led to at...


Improving Coherence: Challenges for European Development Cooperation

Publications | Published on 01-12-1997

Andrea Koulaïmah-Gabriel | Ad Oomen

Since the conclusion of the Maastricht Treaty, coherence of EU action has become a fundamental principle which is expected to guide all European policies that affect developing countries. Coherence has become a priority for development-minded actors such as the NGOs who are scrutinising polici...


Performance Criteria in Future ACP-EU Cooperation

Publications | Published on 02-10-1997

Karijn de Jong

Revitalising the ACP-EU partnership is a key to the future of the Lomé Convention. From a European perspective, the political message is clear: external support is for "those partners that also help themselves". Self help means governments "making merit" and earning the assistance and trust t...


Towards an integrated approach to election observation? Professionalising European long-term election observation missions

Publications | Published on 01-09-1997

Arne Tostensen | Doeke Faber | Karijn de Jong

The trend towards holding democratic multi-party elections has been on the upsurge during the past decade. International organisations including the United Nations (UN), Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (OSCE/ODIHR), Organ...