Linking policy and practice in international cooperation

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Challenges to ACP Trade with Europe after the Uruguay Round

Publications | Published on 01-07-1994

Antonique Koning

The global trading environment is in a period of rapid change from which all countries are expected to benefit. The trend towards increased trade liberalisation and more competition is expected to continue in the medium and longer terms with the soon to be created World Trade Organization as a...


Partnership in the 1990's: How to Make it Work Better

Publications | Published on 05-12-1994

"Partnership" is the politically correct description for most forms of devel- opment cooperation. It refers to a shared commitment to tackle develop- ment problems on the basis of an agreed division of tasks and responsibilities. Through partnership, it is claimed that southern partners ar...


Phased Programming of Lomé Funds: Lessons from Current EU and ACP Experiences

Publications | Published on 02-07-1994

As negotiations for the mid-term review of Lomé IV reach their climax, one of the controversial issues still to be agreed is the European Union (EU) plan to introduce phased programming to Lomé resources. Under the proposal, the allocation and disbursement of funds will be linked to performa...