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Facing Fragilities: People, Aid and Institutions in Socio-Economic Recovery

Events | Published on 11-09-2014

External event Conference In recent years, issues of socio-economic development have taken centre stage in international thinking on conflict and peace. Socio-economic development ranks high on people's agendas and is considered an important condition for avoiding relapse into conflict. Thi...

First Steps Towards a Global Partnership for Peaceful and Inclusive Societies in the Post-2015 Era

Events | Published on 02-07-2015

This informal workshop will bring together a group of key stakeholders to begin to discuss guiding principles and a vision for a global partnership for peaceful and inclusive societies.

Fragile States: A Challenge for Europe

Events | Published on 15-04-2015

Around a quarter of the world's states are currently considered fragile and state fragility is becoming a particularly urgent challenge for EU foreign policy.

FriEnt Peacebuilding Forum 2014: Seizing Opportunities - Peacebuilding in a Complex World

Events | Published on 07-05-2014

External event Conference This first FriEnt Peacebuilding Forum, “Seizing Opportunities – Peacebuilding in a Complex World” will focus on the changes and challenges facing peacebuilding in the coming years. At the international level, the calls for more conflict prevention an...

From hybrid peace to human security: Rethinking the EU strategy towards conflict

Events | Published on 24-02-2016

While the European Union is engaged in a process of strategic reflection on its external relations in a rapidly changing world it finds itself in the midst of interlocking crises – multiplying wars in Africa, the Middle East, central Asia and eastern Europe; population displacement; terrorism and sectarianism; as well as broader economic, social and environmental disruption. At a global level, the War on Terror (although it is no longer formally called that) seems to have converged both with myriad conflicts in different places and with a new phase of great power rivalry involving a new wave of militarisation. These crises have to be explained in terms of a mismatch between our policies and tools for addressing and managing problems and the everyday reality of the twenty first century.

The Future of EU crisis management: What expectations for Germany?

Events | Published on 20-09-2016

External event Roundtable To review its own actions on crisis prevention, stabilisation and peacebuilding, the German government set out to establish new guidelines for managing crises and conflicts by spring 2017. The new guidelines will be the first comprehensive conceptual statement on c...

Germany Looking Beyond its Borders

Events | Published on 16-03-2015

Review findings and the future of Germany’s pivotal power in Europe as a foreign policy player

Global Changes, Emerging Players and Evolving ACP-EU Relations: Towards a Common Agenda for Action?

Events | Published on 30-06-2011

ECDPM event Seminar Seminar report Global Changes, Emerging Players and Evolving ACP-EU Relations: Towards a common agenda for action? James Mackie, Bruce Byiers, Sonia Niznik, Geert Laporte, ECDPM Policy Management Report 19, September 2011 (Version française) Agenda Programme Seminar ...

Groupe ODYSSEE from Mali visits ECDPM

Events | Published on 25-01-2016

ECDPM event Meeting From 25 to 29 January 2016, the Groupe Observation des dynamiques sociales, spatiales & expertise endogène (Groupe ODYSSEE) visited the ECDPM offices for a week of exchanges on policy research best practices. Please find the news release here....

Ignite! Conference 2014: Entrepreneurship Development for Stability in Fragile and Conflict Affected States

Events | Published on 19-11-2014

External event Conference Keynote speakers include: Lilianne PloumenDutch Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Axel M. AddyLiberian Minister of Commerce and Industry Stephen MarshallILO, Liaison Officer – Myanmar Wim NaudéMaastricht School of Management, Dean-Di...

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