Linking policy and practice in international cooperation

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San Bilal's external publications and contributions

Pages | Published on 28-02-2014

Blogs Kenyan exports to Europe now face tariffs San Bilal, AllAfrica, 6 October 2014 What went wrong with the EPAs?San Bilal, Clément Silverman, Africa-EU 2014 Blog, 6 December 2013 Trade talks between Europe and Africa: Time to bring the curtain down? San Bilal, The Guardian Poverty Matter...

Our strategy

Pages | Published on 19-11-2013

The ECDPM Strategy for 2012–2016 builds on the practical experience of ECDPM as an independent foundation promoting better policy, practice and cooperation in international development cooperation. ECDPM is unique because it is both an independent institution and the only development institu...

Theme 4: Addressing food security as a global public good

Pages | Published on 16-12-2013

ECDPM included food security as a new theme in our 2012-2016 strategy. Despite a breadth of knowledge on the technical aspects of food security, what is lacking is effective political dialogue, process facilitation and bridges linking the different policy domains and the various levels and stakeh...

Theme 2: Promoting economic governance and trade for inclusive growth

Pages | Published on 16-12-2013

We support the formation of a global economic system that fosters social equity, poverty alleviation and sustainable development. The need for a transformative agenda on economic governance and trade is widely accepted. Development requires economic growth that is balanced and shared. Europe has ...

Theme 1: Reconciling values and interests in the external action of the European Union

Pages | Published on 16-12-2013

All actors in international cooperation have interests and many enshrine values and philosophies in their international obligations and institutions. Europe in particular has major assets with which to assume a leadership role in international cooperation, in particular, owing to the ‘values...

Theme 3: Supporting societal dynamics of change in developing countries

Pages | Published on 16-12-2013

The ‘Arab Spring’ symbolises a rising demand for inclusive and transparent systems of democracy in developing countries - claiming rights and demanding accountability from state institutions, and making their voices heard. With our deepened engagement in North Africa, ECDPM is well posi...

Our Strengthening European External Action programme in 2015

Pages | Published on 16-06-2016

What has our Strengthening European External Action team been doing in 2015? Find out more in this dossier.

Strengthening European External Action programme - outputs 2014

Pages | Published on 12-06-2015

Below we present an overview of the outputs from the Strengthening European External Action programme in 2014. This overview includes a list of publications, blogs, articles and multimedia, and a list of events that our staff (co)organised, facilitated or attended. For a full overview of the p...


Pages | Published on 21-02-2014


Survey on private sector in EU-ACP relations

Pages | Published on 17-07-2015

We invite you to participate in a short survey on the role of the private sector in ACP-EU cooperation.

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