Linking policy and practice in international cooperation

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    Trade liberalisation and poverty: Did we learn anything in the last ten years?

    GREAT insights magazine | Published on 04-12-2015

    L. Alan Winters

    Recent research reinforces the evidence that trade liberalisation boosts growth but potentially hits people in import-competing sectors. Labour mobility is key to sharing the gains from liberalisation equitably. Women seem to gain more than men from trade liberalisation.

    "Upgrading Africa's participation in global value chains requires international rules to evolve"

    GREAT insights magazine | Published on 04-12-2015

    Fatima Haram Acyl

    H. E. Mrs. Fatima Haram Acyl, AU Commissioner for Trade and Industry speaks to ECDPM’s Isabelle Ramdoo, Deputy Head of Programme Economic Transformation and Trade.

    Weekly Compass highlights

    GREAT insights magazine | Published on 04-12-2015

    December 2015 Our take on the Valletta SummitWeekly Compass, 13 November 2015African and European leaders met in Valletta this week to discuss cooperation on migration and asylum. The outcome of the historic Summit is a Political Declaration, an Action Plan and a Trust Fund launched by the ...

    Who captures the value in global value chains? A perspective from developing countries

    GREAT insights magazine | Published on 04-12-2015

    Peter Draper | Andreas Freytag

    Perspectives on the developmental impacts of global value chains vary substantially, and so do policy recommendations and strategic choice the developing countries face over their stance towards MNCs and GVCs. In defining elements of their industrial strategy, governments should minimize political barriers to trade and consider the importance of the institutional quality and governance structure in their country.

    Territorial development

    GREAT insights magazine | Published on 18-06-2015

    Too often, development approaches adopt a specific thematic or sectoral focus. In doing so, they tend to abstract from the territorial dimension and localisation level of development. A more transversal approach, taking into account the various levels of interventions - supranational (global, continental, regional), cross-border, national and subnational (country’s regions and local, urban, rural) levels, is however necessary to better apprehend the transformation dynamics and development potentials at stake.


    African Economic Outlook 2015: Thinking regional to foster Africa's structural transformation

    GREAT insights magazine | Published on 18-06-2015


    African economies need to liberate the potential of their many regions to foster endogenous growth and accelerate structural transformation by adopting regional approaches to development - multi-sectoral, place-based and participative - and building on specific local resources.

    Changing demographics pulling up agriculture

    GREAT insights magazine | Published on 18-06-2015

    Thomas Allen

    Examining population dynamics – its growth and spatial distribution – can provide new perspectives on West Africa’s agricultural performance and future prospects.

    Corridors as industrial policy? Linking people, policies and places

    GREAT insights magazine | Published on 18-06-2015

    This article discusses the origins and key characteristics of some important corridor initiatives as well as the main policy issues that emerge around them.

    EU's new thinking on decentralisation and territorial development

    GREAT insights magazine | Published on 18-06-2015

    Jorge Rodríguez

    How the EU is going about recognising the developmental role of local authorities as expressions of local political constituencies in a given territory and supporting decentralisation as an instrument for better results.

    G8 New Alliance threatening land rights?

    GREAT insights magazine | Published on 18-06-2015

    Isabelle Brachet | Antoine Bouhey

    What is the New Alliance really promising to the 50 million Africans it hopes to take out of poverty by 2022? Should we accept taking people’s land and voice away as par for the course for agricultural transformation?


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