Linking policy and practice in international cooperation

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The European Union's global strategy

Publications | Published on 27-01-2016

Mikaela Gavas | Christine Hackenesch | Svea Koch | Simon Maxwell

The drafting of the European Union Global Strategy on Foreign and Security Policy is a unique opportunity for the EU to reposition itself as a global leader


The future of EU budget support: Political conditions, differentiation and coordination

Publications | Published on 07-05-2012

Jörg Faust | Svea Koch | Nadia Molenaers

The EC’s new approach to budget support has been largely driven by the dissatisfaction of members states, who consider that the EU’s policy has been too insensitive to political issues. Although there are a number of good reasons why donors should not turn a blind eye to governance issu...


Supporting Domestic Accountability in Developing Countries: Taking Stock of the Approaches and Experiences of German Development Cooperation in Tanzania

Publications | Published on 02-05-2011

Svea Koch

The need to strengthen domestic accountability systems in developing countries is increasingly recognised by donors. Especially the proliferation of budget support and the ongoing debates on the risks and potentials of this aid modality have drawn the donor’s attention to questions of how to...


The EU's Multi-Annual Financial Framework post-2013

Publications | Published on 15-06-2011

Oladiran Bello | Svea Koch | Mark Furness | Mikaela Gavas

Three key questions over the EU’s multi-annual Financial Framework (MFF) Post-2013. How Much?, What should the Money be Spent on?, How should it be Managed?