Linking policy and practice in international cooperation

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Inclusion of Aid for Trade in Trade Policy Reviews: Strengthening Value of Development Instruments for LDCs (and Developing Countries)

GREAT insights magazine | Published on 23-08-2012

Raymond Saner | Lichia Yiu | Mario Filadoro

A fundamental activity of the WTO work is on-going surveillance of national trade policies. The Trade Policy Review (TPR) Mechanism ensures that all WTO Members are reviewed and assessed with the intent “to examine the impact of a Member’s trade policies and practices on the multilateral trading system.”

Food Security in Africa

GREAT insights magazine | Published on 01-09-2012

Raymond Saner | Charles Tsai | Lichia Yiu

Recent publications from the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) clarify how price “shocks” recorded for globally traded agricultural goods have lead to tangible negative consequences for food security on a global level, but with pronounced effects on Africa (See Box 1)

How the WTO can implement the Paris Agreement

GREAT insights magazine | Published on 18-05-2016

Raymond Saner

May 2016 Saner, R. 2016. How the WTO can implement the Paris Agreement. GREAT Insights Magazine, Volume 5, Issue 3. May/June 2016. Greening the World Trade Organization is an imperative to accompany the implementation of the Paris Agreement. Climate change remains a serious threat to mankin...