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ACP-EU cooperation: discussing the long-term future in the near future

Talking Points Blog | Published on 07-12-2012

Niels Keijzer

European Heads of State were recently advised to bring more than one shirt to the 22-23 November summit to discuss the EU budget. Those who specialise in the relations between the EU and the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries will definitely also need a few more shirts during the next few weeks.

Aid and beyond: 3 ways to promote development in an economic downturn…

Talking Points Blog | Published on 02-06-2012

Niels Keijzer

02-06-2012 This post was published in Spanish on the El Pais blog '3500 Millones'. Andrew Sherriff co-authored it. Despite repeated (re-)commitments to provide 0.7% of Europe’s collective Gross National Income as aid (i.e. Official Development Assistance), ODA budgets are going down...

Changes in the EU’s “Agenda for Change”?

Talking Points Blog | Published on 16-05-2012

Niels Keijzer

European Development Cooperation Ministers adopted a five-page statement on Monday entitled ‘Increasing the Impact of EU Development Policy: an Agenda for Change’.

The Commission’s proposal for increasing the impact of EU development cooperation: Agenda for Change or simply a change of agenda?

Talking Points Blog | Published on 14-10-2011

Niels Keijzer

One year ago, the European Commission published a Green Paper titled ‘EU development policy in support of inclusive growth and sustainable development – Increasing the impact of EU development policy’.

Harvesting questions: the results of the first two ERD consultations, and a quick look ahead

Talking Points Blog | Published on 04-07-2011

Niels Keijzer

During the next few months, a team of authors from the Overseas Development Institute (ODI), the German Development Institute (DIE) and the European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM) will be busy with drafting the 2012 European Report on Development (ERD).

Innovative on paper, conservative on the ground? EU plans to improve engagement with civil society

Talking Points Blog | Published on 21-09-2013

Niels Keijzer

Innovative on paper, conservative on the ground? Last week, the European Commission’s published a new policy proposal titled 'the roots of democracy and sustainable development; Europe’s engagement with civil society in external relations’. aiming to carve out a new and more strategic engagement with civil society organizations (CSOs).

European Report on Development 2012: the EU’s role in promoting development-friendly natural resource management. A sneak preview.

Talking Points Blog | Published on 20-04-2012

Niels Keijzer

Water, energy and land belong to the most under-pressure resources today. This year’s European Report on Development, to be launched in mid-May 2012, focuses on these 3 key natural resources and analyses how the ways they are managed affect development objectives.

Final window for development-proofing the CAP

Talking Points Blog | Published on 12-03-2013

Niels Keijzer

The European Union is committed to policy coherence for development (PCD), and has identified global food security as one of the five key priority areas where EU policies should seek to have a positive impact or at least ‘do no harm’.

New instruments proposed for EU external action – do we know enough about what worked with the old ones?

Talking Points Blog | Published on 09-12-2011

Niels Keijzer

No, we don’t know enough about the results achieved through the EU’s old external action instruments. But that does not inhibit an evidence-based discussion on the future instruments, which can still be revised as they are currently subject of debate between the different EU institutions.

Is the 0.7% aid target still relevant?

Publications | Published on 02-08-2012

Niels Keijzer

Commitment by 'Developed Countries' to Spend 0.7% of their GNI on aid may no longer be a major factor in the progress of developing countries

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