Linking policy and practice in international cooperation

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The impact of regional integration on poverty in developing countries

Publications | Published on 29-11-2016

Michael Gasiorek | Antonio Martuscelli

The empirical literature examining the links between regional integration and poverty for developing countries is relatively scant. This Policy Brief sets out a framework of analysis, considers the evidence, and then provides policy recommendations which can be applied in the context of East ...


Regional integration and poverty in the EAC

Publications | Published on 29-11-2016

Michael Gasiorek | Jim Rollo

Direct empirical evidence on the link between regional economic integration and poverty alleviation is hard to find. That is no different for the East African Community (EAC). The lack of evidence about who benefits or not, and why, offers a poor basis for regional decision-making and monito...


Regional integration, poverty and the East African Community: What do we know and what have we learnt?

Publications | Published on 15-11-2016

Michael Gasiorek | Jim Rollo | CUTS International

There is increasing discussion among policy makers and researchers on the links between regional integration and poverty. But direct empirical evidence on these links is limited. Conceptually, there are various channels through which regional trading agreements might impact on poverty but much...