Linking policy and practice in international cooperation

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Current dilemmas in aid architecture: Actors and instruments, aid orphans and climate change

Publications | Published on 01-12-2008

Gwénaëlle Corre | Sebastian Trenner

ECDPM created a Framework Document on European Aid Architecture and on how to deploy actors and European Aid Instruments in face of global challenges.


Non-state actors in Benin

Publications | Published on 02-12-2005

Gwénaëlle Corre | Emmanuel Gahou

This  series of briefs is designed to facilitate an exchange of information on the role played by non-state actors (NSAs) in implementing the Cotonou Partnership Agreement between the ACP and the EU. Their aim is to cite examples of innovative practices and to demonstrate the challenges fac...


Parliaments and Development: The Icing on the Cake?

Publications | Published on 02-10-2004

Gwénaëlle Corre

The Cotonou Agreement has abandoned the centralised approach adopted in previous cooperation agreements between the ACP1 countries and the European Union (EU) and has opened up partnership to actors other than central governments. Among other things, it emphasises the need to strengthen the Jo...


Whither EC Aid Compendium

Publications | Published on 02-09-2009

Gwénaëlle Corre

This Compendium is the final element of the joint ECDPM-ActionAid project, ‘Whither EC Aid’ (WECA), a project initiated in mid-2007. This publication archives all the outputs generated through WECA – from the Initial Discussion Note issued in January 2008, to the reports of the dozen rou...