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The Cariforum-EU Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA)

Publications | Published on 02-03-2009

Mareike Meyn | Christopher Stevens | Jane Kennan | Nick Highton | Corinna Braun-Munzinger | Dan Lui | Collette Campbell | John Rapley

The Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between the Caribbean Forum (Cariforum) and the European Community (EC) is the only comprehensive EPA negotiated so far, and was signed by all parties (except Haiti) in October 2008. Now that the details have been finalised a start can be made to identi...


EPA negotiations and regional integration in Africa

Publications | Published on 13-11-2008

Corinna Braun-Munzinger

The start of 2008 marked the quiet death of over 30 years of Lomé/Cotonou preferences, and yet most African, Caribbean and Caribbean (ACP) countries did not lose their privileged access to European markets. Eighteen African states, including most non-least developed and some least developed...


Identifying an Aid for Trade Agenda

Publications | Published on 14-04-2008

Corinna Braun-Munzinger | Vincent Fautrel | Solène Sureau

The meeting reviewed the implications for ACP-EU trade of the process of CAP reform, the evolution of EU markets for food and agricultural products


Regionally Owned Funds: Mechanisms for Delivery of EU Aid for Trade in ACP Regions?

Publications | Published on 01-04-2009

Corinna Braun-Munzinger

Background The creation of regionally owned funds to support integration processes and regional Aid for Trade (AfT) agendas is currently being discussed in all African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) regions. Similarly on the European side, the European Commission (EC) and the member states of th...


Strengthening Agricultural Trade Strategies

Publications | Published on 26-02-2009

Paul Goodison | Vincent Fautrel | Corinna Braun-Munzinger

While 75% of the world’s poor continue to depend on agriculture, most governments do too little to stimulate agricultural growth and aid to agriculture has been reduced to a fraction of what it was in the 1980s. Recently however, in particular in the context of the ‘rising food prices’ i...


The new EPAs: Comparative analysis of their content and the challenges for 2008

Publications | Published on 31-03-2008

Christopher Stevens | Mareike Meyn | Jane Kennan | Corinna Braun-Munzinger | Franziska Jerosch | Davina Makhan

This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the trade regimes for Africa that on 1 January 2008 replaced the Cotonou Partnership Agreement (CPA), the negotiations that remain to be completed and the challenges facing Africa in implementation, some of which require support from Europe....


Trade and Production Adjustments in ACP Countries: Lessons from the Caribbean Rum Programme

Publications | Published on 02-05-2010

Corinna Braun-Munzinger | Paul Goodison

The origins of the Integrated Development Programme for the Caribbean Rum Sector can be found in the unilateral decision of the European Union (EU) to liberalise access to the EU rum market under an EU/US agreement. Under this agreement, the trade preferences for traditional African, Caribbean...