Linking policy and practice in international cooperation

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Towards Successful Deeper Regional Integration? The Role of the African Development Bank

GREAT insights magazine | Published on 01-10-2013

Christian Kingombe

How can the African Development Bank (AfDB) assist the process towards deeper regional integration in Africa?

Political Economy: Will Africa’s Leaders Finally Walk the Talk?

Talking Points Blog | Published on 07-10-2013

Christian Kingombe

Guest blog by Christian Kingombe. The Citizens of the African continent have been introduced to one Grand Vision of Development after the other – from OAU to AU since the well-known debate

Africa's rising middle class amid plenty and extreme poverty

Publications | Published on 23-10-2014

Christian Kingombe

Key messages With the emerging middle class, Africa is poised to become the next global economic powerhouse. Not to omit the context of both a fast rise of rich and wealthy individuals in Africa. The poor classes still constitute the overwhelming majority in almost all the African countries. ...