Linking policy and practice in international cooperation

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Improving the Complementarity of European Union Development Cooperation: From the Bottom Up

Publications | Published on 01-05-1999

Charlotte Carlsson | B. Oden

Executive Summary "Complementarity" is a mysterious term used in EU development cooperation. Introduced in the Treaty of Maastricht, the concept essentially invites the European Commission (EC) and the Member States to work more closely together and, if possible, to agree on who is best placed...


Making Evaluation Results Count: Internalising Evidence by Learning

Publications | Published on 01-08-2003

Charlotte Carlsson | Arin van Zee

Development agencies are consistently required to improve their performance, in terms not only of project outcomes, but also of the quality of their programming and their institutional capacity.

Non-state actors in Chad

Publications | Published on 02-12-2003

Charlotte Carlsson

This  series of briefs is designed to facilitate an exchange of information on the role played by non-state actors (NSAs) in implementing the Cotonou Partnership Agreement between the ACP and the EC. Their aim is to cite examples of innovative practices and to demonstrate the challenges facin...