Linking policy and practice in international cooperation

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Assessing Trends in EC Development Policy

Publications | Published on 01-05-2000

Terhi Lehtinen | Anne Simon | Gwénäelle Corre

Since the Santer Commission resigned in March 1999, reform has topped the EU’s agenda. In March 2000, the Commission adopted a White Paper, which aims to profoundly change the ‘culture’, organisation and management of the institution. Within this broad agenda, the highest priority is ...


The New Organization of the Council of the European Union: Setback or Opportunity for EU Development Cooperation?

Publications | Published on 01-01-2003

Anne Simon

EU development cooperation is a complex programme but crucial to international development assistance.Since the Maastricht Treaty was signed, it has been based on an uneasy complementarity between Community actions and Member States' bilateral cooperation. This gives it both an intergovernment...